Michelangelo Antonioni – Il Grido AKA The Cry (1957)


One of Antonioni’s most important films and a precursor of L’AVVENTURA, IL GRIDO has gained in stature over the years to the point where it overshadows some of his better known works. (Its images and atmosphere are amongst the most indelible in all Antonioni.) An imposing portrait of a worker who wanders the Po Valley with his little daughter after his wife leaves him, IL GRIDO is one of the director’s personal favourites: “When I saw IL GRIDO after some time,” Antonioni said, “I was stunned to find myself faced with such nakedness, with such great solitude. It was like what happens on some mornings when we look in the mirror and are startled by the reflection of our own face.” “IL GRIDO attains the perfection of a masterpiece. . . Indeed, it is a classic of cinematography, and certainly one of the most significant films of recent years” (Pierre Leprohon).


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