1971-1980ActionCampT. Fikret UçakTurkey

T. Fikret Uçak – 3 dev adam AKA Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man (1973)



You know you’re in Turkey when, before the opening credits, Spider-Man buries a saucy wench in the sand at the beach, then has his henchmen back a boat propellor into her face! No, friends, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just ain’t that friendly anymore. Instead, he’s a psychotic mob boss. And when there’s a psychotic mob boss that needs taking down in Turkey, there’s only one man to call—Captain America.

You might remember actor Aytekin Akkaya from Turkish Star Wars. Here he rises to the spotlight as the heroic lead. In a heart-wrenching performance, Akkaya conveys with an unnerving subtlety the true spirit of a Captain America who is both Turkish and lacking in shield. While the sinister Spider-Man is busy strangling women to death in the shower and putting rats down tubes to eat his captives’ faces off, Captain Turkish America recruits Mexico’s national superhero, Santo, to aid him in his quest to rid Turkey of the webbed menace once and for all. Santo’s a gimp-masked superhero who’s also a wrestler. You almost wish Spidey had a mask like that though, so you wouldn’t have to see his truly Turkish eyebrows.

(taken from www.antimattermultiverse.com)


Subtitles: English, Greek (idx+sub)
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