Various – O Estado do Mundo aka State of the World (2007)


O Estado do Mundo is a compilation of 6 different short movies, retracting differents views of people above the world, showing people from different continents.

Luminous People from Thailand.
People traveling from Thailand to Laos on a boat, most part of the people seems to be dislocated with the travel, every one lost in their own reverie.

Germano from Brasil.
Some fishermans are trying to explore different parts of the ocean, trying to find better fishes and unpolluted areas. In their trip, their boat broke down, and they need help to back home safely.

One Way from India.
A man travel from Nepal to India. At his new country, he’s working as a security man, thinking about his trip, his expectations from a new and free Nepal and his future.

Brutality Factory from China.
This one is a view from a brutal part in the modern China, when several people were brutalized and killed, and this part of Chinese history is non-revealed until nowadays. Murdered peoples souls still walking among us.

Tarrafal from Portugal.
Amadora and José lives in a small island in Cape Verde, and they’re talking about their troubles in life.

Tombée de nuit sur Shangaï from France.
This one is filmed in Shangai, scenes from different places are being registered, contrasting with some reality from suburbs in France, in a totally different places… showing how the same can be different places around the world.

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Subtitles: English on the rip.

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