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Raphael Nussbaum – Kommando Sinai AKA Sinai Commandos: A Story of the Six Day War (1968)



At the start of the 1967 Six-Day War (June 5-10) between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, a team of eight Israeli commandos, with their female boat captain in tow, are sent on a suicide mission deep into the Sinai to destroy an important Arab radar station at Sharm El Sheikh to pave way for the main invading Israeli forces.

imdb comment wrote:
This movie could be consider as one of the few movies that described the historic moment that israeli people lived in Israel during the Six-Day War, especially because they were surrounded by a great number of enemies , and their determination to remain like a Jewish State allowed to them to defeat it. I watched the movie like 20 years ago, and in that time, I Got the oportunity to record in my Betamax , and I still have it with me, and when I have time, I enjoy watching it again. The best scene could be when the commandos destroyed the radar station from Egyptian Army.


The Video Vacuum wrote:
In 1967, Israel claimed it’s independence by fighting off it’s Arabic neighbors in a six day military siege. This tedious war movie is all about the team of crack Israeli commandos (led by Robert Fuller) who were sent behind enemy lines for a sneak attack that started the war for independence.

It’s funny because the movie is only 95 minutes long but I’ll be damned if it didn’t feel longer than the actual war itself.

The action was extremely weak (lots of stock footage is used) and the “dramatic” portions of the film were thoroughly coma inducing, but I DID like the scene where Fuller’s wife cornered him and forced him to impregnate her… or else. If the action sequences in this flick were nearly as entertaining as that one scene, Sinai Commandos could’ve been a lot of fun. Despite that one fun, goofy bit of business, the rest of the movie is boring beyond belief.

Because of the subject matter, the flick will be of interest to some history buffs out there. I mean having a war movie about Jews vs. Arabs as opposed to say, Americans vs. Germans is novel to say the least, but that novelty quickly wears out it’s welcome thanks to the stagnant pacing and the non-existent action.


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