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Various – Gojira Fantajî: SF Kôkyô Fantajî aka Godzilla Fantasia (1984)


In 1954, Akira Ifukube was asked by Toho to score Gojira (Godzilla), a giant monster film to be directed by Ishiro Honda. Many of Ifukube’s colleagues tried to convince him not to take the job, thinking the film would not be a success. Ifukube did not listen to his detractors and accepted the project. As a result, his score for Gojira has become one of the most famous film scores in history and propelled Ifukube to heights of fame that no other Japanese film composer has ever reached. Additionally, Ifukube regarded his Gojira music as the best score he had ever written for a motion picture.

in 1983 Akira Ifukube arranged music from his films into a three-movement symphony, presented with scenes from the films the music was originally written for. The second half features Makoto Inoue’s synthesizer arrangements of Ifukube’s music. For this portion, all the music is by Ifukube, but the scenes are from films Ifukube did not work on.





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