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Benedek Fliegauf – Dealer (2004)


“In an impressive follow up to his debut film Forest, Benedek Fliegauf tells the uncompromising story of a day in the life of a drug dealer. His clients include the leader of a religious sect, a friend who needs a final fix, a former lover who has had his child, a student, and a black marketeer. Fliegauf’s film recreates life in a city that resembles a ghost town, an alienated world with its own priorities and realities. It is, he says ‘. an imaginary city with a strongly spiritualist atmosphere. This necropolis is the film’s real protagonist’. His subject is depression (‘a state of consciousness that saturates the life of .too many of us’) and the film provides a deeply felt testament to the realities of a painful and still little understood world. An admirer of BĂ©la Tarr, Fliegauf similarly allows his characters to exist in extended (or real) time, with a minimalist style in which every sound or line of dialogue becomes privileged. The framing, camera movement, and sound design combine to create hypnotic film-making of a high order. It is a demanding and essential film and no mere exercise in miserabilism.”

Peter Hames



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