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Dominik Graf – Der Felsen AKA A Map Of The Heart (2002)


Things could hardly turn out worse for Katrin. In Corsica, her boss and lover of many years tells her that his wife is pregnant. In one abrupt instant, all hopes for a life together are dashed. Her plans for her future unraveled, her heart broken, Katrin breaks up with him. But all her attempts to start a new life simply toss her deeper into a maelstrom of aimlessness and pain.

She then happens to meet Malte, an adventure-hungry young man who lives on the edge and strictly for the moment. He overwhelms her with the honesty and clarity of his feelings – and suddenly, from one minute to the next, her life becomes a dangerous tightrope walk.

Dominik Graf was born in 1952 in Munich. He studied German and Musical Sciences, and transferred to the Academy of Television & Film in Munich in 1974. He received the Bavarian Film Award for his graduation film Der kostbare Gast (1979). He has played a decisive role in developing the profile of the TV series Der Fahnder and has alternated regularly between film and TV productions. In 1988, he received a German Film Award for his thriller Die Katze. His film Spieler (1990) was shown at Venice in 1990. His other films include: Tiger, Loewe, Panther (1989), The Invincibles (Die Sieger, 1994), the Tatort-episode Frau Bu lacht (1995), Der Skorpion (1996), Doktor Knock (1996), Deine besten Jahre (TV, 1998), Bittere Unschuld (1999), Sperling und der brennende Arm (TV, 1999), the documentary Munich – Secrets of a City (Muenchen – Geheimnisse einer Stadt, 2000), A Map of the Heart (Der Felsen, 2001), Die Freunde der Freunde (TV, 2002), Hotte im Paradies (2002), The Red Cockatoo (Der Rote Kakadu, 2005), and many more.




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