1981-1990Czech RepublicDramaFrantisek Vlácil

Frantisek Vlácil – Pasácek z doliny AKA The Little Shepherd Boy from the Valley (1983)


One of the less known films from what I feel to be the greatest of Czech directors.

In 1947 in the Beskydy mountains are still traces of the war. Ten-year-old boy on a regular basis such as cows grazed in the meadow next to the destroyed German tanks. The boy has no father and his mother was serving with the farmer. Therefore, a small majority of the old shepherdess’s grandfather. Kid out of school is only used to feed cows and chop wood in winter. One evening in the forest he meets two mysterious figures. He thinks it’s the king of goblins with his secretary, because just such a story his grandfather told. In fact, they are not banderovci who, with the local mayor agree on the transition of its section and looting in the village … Ballad film shot on the novels of Ladislav Fuks Vláčil Francis in 1983. (Translated by Google)

IMDB User review:
A small boy in a remote village in the 1940s. Entirely charming and with some real drama.
21 September 2010 | by simon-1303 (United Kingdom)

A period in the life of a small boy in a remote village in the 1940s. His family, neighbours, employer, strangers, fears, hopes, goblins, cows… A limited cast and scope, as is appropriate for the life of a small boy in a small village. We see life both from the boy’s point of view and also from that of the adults who dominate and influence his life, for good and ill. There’s some historical context, as well as the timeless life of the countryside and human emotions and motivations. The lead actor is wonderfully convincing and is supported by a competent cast. There’s a good use of country and town backgrounds. The plot works but it’s the human interactions which stay with one. Entirely charming and with some real drama.



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