Krzysztof Zanussi – Skarby ukryte z cyklu ‘Opowiesci weekendowe’ AKA Weekend Stories: The Hidden Treasure (2001)

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Synopsis (possible spoilers):

‘Rose, an older woman living in Paris was born in Poland as a daughter of an aristocratic family. Her family house is now an impoverished home for the old people. Rose visited her property many times since the Berlin Wall collapsed and this time she arranged a meeting with an old palace employee, who earned big money having run a greenhouse business. Nevertheless, it remains a secret where the money to start this business came from. Not having a chance to speak to the employee, Rose meets his granddaughter – Jola – and enjoying her company, invites her to visit Paris. As Jola arrives in Paris, she gets acquainted with a young Arabian with whom she falls in love. Rose is very much by her side. Soon Rose leaves for Poland once again. This time her purpose is to find a chest full of treasures buried by herself deep in the forest soon before the war was over, when she was afraid of property confiscation soon to come. Apparently it turns out, the chest is empty and Jola’s grandfathers seem to be the most suspected men. But are these accusations justifiable?’
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  1. This movie is actually a different entry in Zanussi’s Weekend Stories series: Ostatni krag (The Last Circle / The Sacrum).

    Recently you uploaded 4 more films from this series, which I am very grateful for. Is there any chance you could upload the final three films to complete the series:

    Dusza spiewa (The Soul Sings)
    Linia opózniajaca (Delay Line)
    Skarby ukryte (The Hidden Treasure)

    Thank you for this wonderful website.

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