Lasse Hallström – Mitt liv som hund AKA My Life As A Dog (1985)


Description: Twelve-year-old Ingemar has a life far too complex for a kid his age. His beloved mother, once soft and loving, is now an angry invalid. His older brother torments him daily. But there must be worse things in life, and Ingemar does not hesitate to obsess over them: people meeting freak accidents, for one, and Laika, the doomed Soviet space dog, for another. There is also his own pet dog, whose fate, it turns out, is as uncertain as Ingemar’s. But when Ingemar is sent away for the summer to stay with his lighthearted Uncle Gunnar and Aunt Ulla, his world begins to open in a way he could never have imagined. In their little village, Ingemar meets a menage of eccentric, good-hearted people and their interactions with him give him the strength he’ll need when things at home get even worse. “Mitt liv som hund”, the critically acclaimed film from director Lasse Hallström, is sensitive, tragic, and funny. It’s a unique, offbeat but realistic coming-of-age story with rich and engaging characters and some truly unforgettable scenes.

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