Roberto Gavaldón – En la palma de tu mano AKA In the Palm of Your Hand (1951)


Here’s a gem of mexican film making and a must for any real film noir fans.
En la Palma de tu Mano (In the Palm of your Hand) is Roberto Gavaldón’s(Macario1960) masterpiece and one of the best mexican movies ever made.

The movie centers around the Characther of Jaime Karin (Arturo de Córdova from Buñuel’s El) an astrologer and scam artist who gets involved in a game bigger than him.

Jaime Karin is an astrologer, fortune teller and a scam artist, who uses his wife who works in an elegant beauty salon, to find out information on future wealthy clients, through her he learns that a millionaire Vittorio Romano died shortly after learning of his wife’s infidelity. Karin befriends the woman and…..

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