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Shaun Costello – Forced Entry + 8mm Sex Loops (1972)


A notorious 70’s adult sickie, ‘Forced Entry’ stars Harry Reems as an ex-nam Veteran, working as an attendant at a garage (“Joe’s Friendly Service”) who tricks women into giving him their addresses, so that he can pop round later and rape them at knife/gun point. Reem’s makes his first victim suck him off at knife point, before shooting his load all over the camera lens and slitting his victims throat! Playboy Playmate Laura Cannon appears here as the second victim, who is dragged from the shower into the bedroom, before being raped and killed. Reem’s finally meets his match when he breaks in on a couple of lesbian hippies, who are so whacked out on drugs that they simply giggle at his threats. Confused and scared, Reem’s repeatedly screams “Keep away from me!” before turning the gun on himself, blowing his own brains out! The film opens and ends with a shot of Reem’s blood spattered body lying on the floor, his brains exposed through his shattered cranium!!!

Phew! This is strong stuff, shot in a very matter of fact style that is reminiscent of later ‘psycho’ movies such as ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’. Despite a couple of boom shots, this is for the most part very well made and convincingly acted. Harry Reems, minus his trademark moustache and using the pseudonym ‘Tim Long’ here, is pure evil as the rapist – it has been claimed that when he saw the finished results of ‘Forced Entry’, he vowed never to appear in a role like it ever again!

Although its an adult movie, there is nothing even remotely arousing about ‘Forced Entry’. The rape scenes are cruel and end with blood soaked murder. During the rapes, Reem’s spits out some of the vilest, most hate filled dialogue you have ever heard, and even goes so far as to laugh at one of his victims torment, before making her tell him “It hurts!”. Throughout the movie, we also get inside Reem’s twisted mind through flashbacks to the Vietnam War conflict. For this, actual stock footage is utilised, making everything even more unpleasant – so, as Reem’s cums, we are treated to actual shots of dead babies, bombs going off and piles of corpses. All real. The other sex scenes in the movie, when not involving rape, instead involve either skanky lesbian hippies, or a pasty hairy white guy with big sids (possibly the director?). Natural, yes. Erotic? Nah.

So, if your looking for an adult movie that will arouse you, ‘Forced Entry’ is not the way to go! However, if your a fan of extreme, challenging cinema, then you really can’t go wrong with this! Mean spirited, totally disorientating at times (“Scummy hippies!”), gory, bizarre…and brilliant.

Filmed in 1971 on location in Queens and Manhattan, ‘Forced Entry’ is directed by ‘Helmuth Richler’, a pseudonym of Shaun Costello, who spent about 15 years working in the adult biz from the early 70’s through to the mid 80’s, churning out over 100 of his own personal – and sometimes pretty twisted – adult movies under a variety of pseudonyms, that also include Warren Evans and even Amanda Barton (!). ‘Costello’ is the guy responsible for the similarly themed 1976 sickie ‘Water Power’, a kind of porno version of ‘Taxi Driver’ starring Jamie Gillis…which was apparently based on a true story!


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