Francis Ford Coppola – Apocalypse Now [Workprint +Extras] (1979)

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See Dennis Hopper get killed via shotgun blast! See Martin Sheen stab a baby!! See the long lost fully uncut plantation scene and all of the footage shot with the Playboy bunnies!! Spend more time with Kurtz and enjoy his insane Manson-esque ramblings!!

This is the incredibly rare 5 1⁄2 hour Apocalypse Now!! Forget about the Redux, this is the real deal, the true, full-fledged vision of one of the greatest films ever made.

Taken from a rare workprint of the film, this one of a kind experience gives you a chance to see Coppola’s vision when it was still forming. This is not the polished, ready-made movie we are used to seeing. This is the rough around the edges, uncut first draft of a film that would go on to change the course of film making as we know it.

In many ways, this is almost a completely different movie, complete with some new characters, new events and new, gloomy fates for a few of the cast. Gone is the familiar Carmine Coppola score that sets the doom-like tone of the film, instead there are miscellaneous Doors songs used to fill in the blank sound spots. For fans of this film, this 2-disc set is a Godsend, a revelation of newfound importance and interest that only adds to the pleasure of watching Apocalypse Now in any form.

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