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John Boorman and Walter Donohue – Projections No1 (1991)

Edited by John Boorman and Walter Donohue
Projections is a forum for practitioners of the cinema to write about their work. The first issue includes a journal compiled by John Boorman which records his responses to the events and trends of 1991, and their implications for the future of cinema. Like his Emerald Forest diary, Money into Light, it is a fascinating mix of anecdote, personal reflections, thoughts on the nature of cinema, and comments on the practical business of making films.

Projections also contains contributions from cinematographer Nestor Almendros, who describes the craft of photographing the human face, and from Jonathan Demme, who traces the evolution of his career from his early days with Roger Corman to his chilling Silence of the Lambs. River Phoenix and Gus Van Sant discuss their work together on My Own Private Idaho; there is a script from one of the most original talents in American today, Hal Hartley, and a penetrating account by director Michael Mann of his startling new version of Last of the Mohicans.


List of Illustrations Vll
Acknowledgements IX

Fade In …
John Boorman 1
1 Bright Dreams, Hard Knocks:
A Journal for 1991
John Boorman 5
2 The Burning Question:
Absolute Freedom? 121
3 Film Fiction: More Factual than Facts
Samuel Fuller 131
4 The Early Life of a Screenwriter
Emeric Pressburger 133
5 Demme on Demme 158
6 Matters of Photogenics
Nestor Almendros 198
7 My Director and I
River Phoenix 212
8 Knowing Is Not Enough
Hal Hartley 223
9 Surviving Desire
Hal Hartley 225
10 Losing Touch
Tony Harrison 260
11 Making Some Light:
An interview with Michael Mann
Graham Fuller 262
Filmography 279


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