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Julian Amyes – Danger Man [Season 1] (1960)

Before The Avengers and the James Bond films, the pioneering 1960 British series Danger Man helped to usher in spy-mania in Great Britain. Patrick McGoohan stars as Drake, John Drake, an agent of NATOs secret service branch. A messy job, he informs us, Thats when they usually call on me. Most Americans only know Drake as the Secret Agent Man, the title of the hour-long series that debuted on these shores in 1964. This half-hour series never aired in the United States, making this five-disc set, containing all 39 first season episodes, essential for Brit-TV aficionados, not to mention that branch of Prisoner devotees who insist that the kidnapped No. 6 is actually Drake himself. Like 007, the dapper and unflappable Drake possesses a keen wit and animal sense of danger, and his assignments take him all over the world, from Rome and Paris to the Arabian desert. But Drake is old school. He very rarely uses a gun. He is not a womanizer. He does not possess an arsenal of cool gadgets. His missions are more gritty and realistic classic cloak and dagger stuff. He foils not megalomaniacs trying to take over the world, but a rogues gallery of embezzlers, assassins, slave traders, traitors, and the like. Also fun for Anglophiles are early glimpses of favorite British character actors, including Miss Moneypenny herself, Lois Maxwell Positions of Trust a pre-Avengers Galore Honor Blackman Colonel Rodriguez, Judy Carne, Laugh-Ins Sock-It-to-Me girl Hired Assassin Charles Gray from the Bond films You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever The Key and Jean Marsh of Upstairs, Downstairs fame Name, Date and Place. The jazzy score is also killer.


The series was first thought of by Ralph Smart. An Australian Writer/Director. Smart spent a lot of time working for Sapphire Films, a company set up to produce programs for Lew Grade’s new TV company ITC. After working on series such as ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ he was approached by Lew Grade to produce a show himself. The Idea of John Drake and Danger man was one of a few ideas that were put forward. Smart approached McGoohan while he was acting in a show called “The Knife” and McGoohan liked the idea, and agreed to the first series.
Why did it end?

By 1965 Patrick McGoohan was the most highly paid actor on British television, but McGoohan felt that the show was ‘repeating itself’, and that they should finish the series while they were ahead. McGoohan also had a new idea for a television program set in the village of Portmeirion, North Wales that he was going to put the entire Danger Man cast and crew to it.

Anyway the result was a meeting between McGoohan and Lew Grade and whatever the discussion entailed, it finished with the 4th season of Danger Man being cancelled after only two shows and a new show called ‘The Prisoner’ was commissioned.

Danger Man 1×01 View from the Villa.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×02 Time to Kill.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×03 Josetta.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×04 The Blue Veil.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×05 The Lovers.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×06 The Girl in Pink Pyjamas.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×07 Position of Trust.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×08 The Lonely Chair.avi 207MB
Danger Man 1×09 The Sanctuary.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×10 An Affair of State.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×11 The Key.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×12 The Sisters.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×13 The Prisoner.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×14 The Traitor.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×15 Colonel Rodriguez.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×16 The Island.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×17 Find and Return.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×18 The Girl who Liked G.I.s.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×19 Name, Date and Place.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×20 Vacation.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×21 The Conspirators.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×22 The Honeymooners.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×23 The Gallows Tree.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×24 The Relaxed Informer.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×25 The Brothers.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×26 The Journey Ends Halfway.avi 203MB
Danger Man 1×27 Bury the Dead.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×28 Sabotage.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×29 The Contessa.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×30 The Leak.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×31 The Trap.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×32 The Action.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×33 Hired Assassin.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×34 The Deputy Coyannis Story.avi 203MB
Danger Man 1×35 Find and Destroy.avi 204MB
Danger Man 1×36 Under the Lake.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×37 The Nurse.avi 206MB
Danger Man 1×38 Dead Man Walks.avi 205MB
Danger Man 1×39 Deadline.avi 206MB


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  1. This season (and unfortunately the two others !) have been “removed due to inactivity”. Would you be kind enough to upload them again ? Thanks

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