Roberto Rossellini – India: Matri Bhumi [French version] (1959)


India runs counter to all usual cinema: here the image is only the complement of the idea that provokes it. India is a film of absolute logic, more Socratic than Socrates. Each image is beautiful not because it is beautiful in itself, like a shot in [Eisenstein’s] Que viva Mexico!, but because it is the splendor of the true and because Rossellini starts with the truth. There where the others won’t arrive except in twenty years perhaps, he has already gone on from.India embraces world cinema, as the theories of Riemann and Planck embrace geometry and classical physics. In a coming issue [of Cahiers du Cinéma], I shall prove why India is the creation of the world.
Jean-Luc Godard

Film extraordinaire de simplicité et d’intelligence, méditation sur la vie, la nature et les animaux, India est un poème libre, hors du temps et de l’espace.
François Truffaut

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