Sang-soo Hong – Da-reun na-ra-e-suh AKA In Another Country (2012)


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In Another Country is an airy comic romance by the Korean director Hong Sangsoo which begins in a hotel in Mohang, a quiet Korean seaside town. A young film student called Wonju (Jung Yumi) idly jots down script ideas in her room. As she writes, we see three, or perhaps four, distinct stories playing out, all made up of common characters and motifs that emerge from Wonju’s scribblings.

Each involves a carefree Frenchwoman called Anne (Isabelle Huppert), who arrives in Mohang. Sometimes she is a director, and sometimes she isn’t. She meets another director there: either Jongsoo (Kwon Hyehyo) or Munsoo (Moon Sungkeun). Sometimes they have a romantic entanglement, and sometimes they don’t. She flirts with a lifeguard (Junsang Yu), or doesn’t. There is a search for a lighthouse, or not.

Hong’s film rejoices in the capricious nature of romance and the samsaric ebb and flow of life, and it makes confusion woozily pleasurable. (The characters talk awkwardly and often at cross-purposes in English, the only available common tongue.) This is a visually eccentric and puppyishly funny film: the very best kind of odd.

Language:English, Korean, French

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  2. Is it possible to get English subtitles on this? There is Korean language spoken within the film

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