Thomas Elsaesser – European Cinema – Face to Face With Hollywood (2005)

Table of Contents
Preface 9
European Cinema: Conditions of Impossibility? [2005]

National Cinema: Re-Definitions and New Directions
European Culture, National Cinema, the Auteur and Hollywood [1994] ImpersoNations: National Cinema, Historical Imaginaries [2005] Film Festival Networks: the New Topographies of Cinema in Europe [2005] Double Occupancy and Small Adjustments: Space, Place and Policy in the New European Cinema since the 1990s [2005]

Auteurs and Art Cinemas: Modernism and Self- Reference, Installation Art and Autobiography
Ingmar Bergman – Person and Persona: The Mountain of Modern Cinema on the Road to Morocco [1994] Late Losey: Time Lost and Time Found [1994] Around Painting and the “End of Cinema”: A Propos Jacques Rivette’s
La Belle Noiseuse [1992] Spellbound by Peter Greenaway: In the Dark … and Into the Light [1996] The Body as Perceptual Surface: The Films of Johan van der Keuken [2004] Television and the Author’s Cinema: ZDF’s Das Kleine Fernsehspiel [1992] Touching Base: Some German Women Directors in the 1980s [1987]

Two Decades in Another Country: Hollywood and the Cinephiles [1975] Raoul Ruiz’s Hypothèse du Tableau Volé [1984] Images for Sale: The “New” British Cinema [1984] “If You Want a Life”: The Marathon Man [2003] British Television in the 1980s Through The Looking Glass [1990] German Cinema Face to Face with Hollywood: Looking into a Two-Way
Mirror [2003]

Central Europe LookingWest
Of Rats and Revolution: Dusan Makavejev’s The Switchboard Operator [1968] Defining DEFA’s Historical Imaginary: The Films of Konrad Wolf [2001] Under Western Eyes: What Does Žižek Want? [1995] Our Balkanist Gaze: About Memory’s No Man’s Land [2003]

Europe Haunted by History and Empire
Is History an Old Movie? [1986] Edgar Reitz’ Heimat: Memory, Home and Hollywood [1985] Discourse and History: One Man’s War – An Interview with Edgardo Cozarinsky [1984] Rendezvous with the French Revolution: Ettore Scola’s That Night in Varennes [1989] Joseph Losey’s The Go-Between [1972] Games of Love and Death: Peter Greenaway and Other Englishmen [1988]

Border-Crossings: Filmmaking without a Passport
Peter Wollen’s Friendship’s Death [1987] Andy Engel’s Melancholia [1989] On the High Seas: Edgardo Cozarinsky’s Dutch Adventure [1983] Third Cinema/World Cinema: An Interview with Ruy Guerra [1972] Ruy Guerra’s Erendira [1986] Hyper-, Retro- or Counter-: European Cinema as Third Cinema Between
Hollywood and Art Cinema [1992]

European Cinema as World Cinema: A New Beginning? [2005]

European Cinema: A Brief Bibliography
List of Sources and Places of First Publication
Table of Contents

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