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Kosuke Suzuki – Enjo-kôsai bokumetsu undô aka Stop the Bitch Campaign (2001)


Tokyo’s Valentine Call is a special kind of phone club. Older salarymen pay to wait for calls from teenage girls, discreet meetings are arranged, and handfuls of yen are exchanged for a quick session of enjo kosai, or paid sex with a high school girl. Plenty of girls are doing it—some to make money for fancy, fashionable clothes and accessories, others to set a trap to rob and brutalize the old perverts. But the Valentine Call staff, horny young Ogisu and the vaguely sinister, makeup-coated Mr. Kuni, have a nasty plan of their own. Listening in on the enjo kosai calls, they conspire to trick the girls into giving them free sex. Mr. Kuni even has a twisted concept behind this scheme. He calls it enboku, his campaign to humiliate the teenage girls, drive them away from prostitution and purify Japan. The enboku plan goes great at first, but then the girls start to wise up to the pair’s tricks and plan their revenge, while Mr. Kuni sets out to take his cruel campaign to even more diabolical extremes…

Sleazy exploitation cinema is alive and well, folks, and it’s living in Japan with a video camera and a shoestring budget. Featuring a gloriously twisted performance by Kenichi Endo, cult star of Japan’s seamy V-cine scene, and a raunchy punk rock soundtrack, Stop the Bitch Campaign is an outrageous black comedy where misogyny, cynicism, greed, lust and brutality collide in a raw and shocking fashion. There are no angels in this nasty scenario, inspired by a manga by Tetsuya Koshiba. Everyone has a dirty secret and dire intentions, lecherous old men and sneaky teenage girls alike. Prepare to be shocked, disgusted, enraged… and thoroughly, hilariously entertained!

—Rupert Bottenberg @ Fantasiafest.com



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