Richard Kern – Fingered (1986)


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“FINGERED is the ultimate date move for psychos. It’s the best hillbilly-punk-art-porno movie in the world and I always show it to people very late at night to make them happy” John Waters

Lydia Lunch returns as a phone sex operator who hooks up with one of her clients. They go on a crime spree, memorably kidnapping and terrorizing a young teen girl (Lung Leg). If you take away all the hardcore sex and violence, this has all been done before. Lunch is always watchable, however. Charles Tatum|

‘The Cinema of Transgression’ was a small underground film scene in New York.Richard Kern along with Nick Zedd were the most prominent and widely known directors from that scene.”Fingered” is possibly Richard Kern’s most shocking and unsettling short film.It features punk rock queen Lydia Lunch as the phone sex operator.After a violent and explicit sexual encounter with one of her phone sex clients,the two set out on a rampage of murder,brutality and attempted rape leaving the viewer aroused and disgusted.”Fingered” is mildly shocking by today’s standards,but having seen such fare like “August Underground’s Mordum”,”Scrapbook” or “Niku Daruma” I wasn’t particularly offended.Still if you like them nasty and violent you won’t be disappointed.7 out of 10. HumanoidOfFlesh|IMDB

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