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Zülfü Livaneli – Veda (2010)

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A friendship started in childhood in Selanico firstly turned into comrade in arms and then a half century brotherhood and fraternity following the same ideals until the death upon proclamation of the Republic. It was so immense brotherhood that when one passed away, the other heartedly wished the same.

The story of a generation challenging the death! The film is not merely about the life of Ataturk; instead, it is a torch enlightening a particular period and it is very humane in that it also analyzes the brotherhood, war, love and affection. “Veda” is the story of a brotherhood, portrayal of milestones in Ataturk’s life and the story of a commander commanding a generation that challenged the death to save the homeland. Salih Bozok, the number one witness of the time, narrates this story.

“Veda” does not only aim Turkish nation knowing Ataturk better, the film also intends to introduce Great Leader Ataturk to the whole world.

Written and directed by Zulfu Livaneli, the cinematographer of the film was Peter Steguer, famous German cinematographer. The soundtracks again carry the signature of Zulfu Livaneli.

Started filming on October 27 after 3 years perseverant work for writing its screenplay, the movie was filmed in 7 weeks.

Italian Aldo Signoretti and Vittorio Sodano et al designed hair and make-up for the film. 1200 kg makeup materials were imported to Turkey for using in the movie “Veda”. 150 real human hairs were used in order to make wigs for the project. 2 mobile hair and make-up salons and one make-up laboratory were specially designed and produced for the make-up and hair team.

Completely financed with national capital, the project hired Italian- German technical team composed of 13 members. For the first time in Turkey, 12000 pieces costumes and accessories were designed and prepared by Mr. Baran Ugurlu. The costumes were sanded, coloured and treated in order to reflect the characteristics of the time in finest detail possible.

The project became the largest production in Turkey with 29 vehicles, project team composed of 98 people and 2000 figurations.

“Veda” was filmed in Ayvalık, Izmir and Antalya. The war scenes were filmed in Seferihisar where is a natural plateau. Ataturk’s personal car and train car were also used in addition to real places such as Usakizade mansion.



Subtitles:German – French and English

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