Adolfo Aristarain – Tiempo de revancha aka Time for Revenge (1981)


A union organizing demolition worker and a friend of his decide to blackmail the corrupt company they work for setting up a fake accident.

What is the cost of silence? It’s a question faced by anyone who remains quiet out of fear. It’s also a subject familiar to millions who lived in Argentina and said nothing as the country’s armed forces killed as many as 30,000 people during the “Dirty War” from 1976 and 1983.

“Time for Revenge” explores the cost of silence but with an odd twist. In this story, saying nothing is also a way to escape a leftist past and earn a badly needed paycheck, even if it means getting along with a corrupt and dangerous company. Eventually, however, silence becomes a form of rebellion that leads to a final – and disturbing – act of defiance.

“Best Film” winner of three international film festivals. A demolition worker at a remote copper mine rigs a dynamite accident to black-mail the corrupt company, by pretending to have been struck speechless in a shock from the blast. The ruthless bosses will do anything to break him. To collect damages, he must maintain his silence despite unbearable temptations and pressures until the shattering, shocking climax. This original and gripping thriller mesmerizes the viewer with its clever plotting and unpredictable action. Well-acted and vigorously directed, it presents a fascinating character who must live by his wits in his battle against the repressive system. The compelling soty crackes with nerve-jangling tensions, savage irony and cynical humor. Shot under military dictatorship, the film’s political significance is powerful yet subtle.


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