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Bruce LaBruce – The Raspberry Reich (2004)



A comment from an Imdb user:

It’s been a while since I saw this film, so I’ll talk about as much as I can remember. I happened to catch this film at the Sundance Film Festival. I knew nothing about the directors status or his past work. I heard from others at the festival that this film was straight up gay porn, which caught my interest. Being gay I’m always interested in seeing films with gay themes. I assumed the people were wrong. To my sexual arousal they were right! Almost…The film was hilarious, glamourizing the idea of “terrorist chic.” In the film a group young of virile young men under the leadership of a woman (Gunfrun) kidnap the son of a wealthy man. This is done to draw attention to their group. Gunfrun is also intent on smashing the idea’s considered normal. This was part of “the revolution.” One of those idea’s was heterosexuality. That’s where all the talk of gay sex came into the picture. Some of the most erotic gay sex scene’s I’ve ever seen! Partially due to the fact that these men were heterosexual and also due to the fact that I did not expect actual gay sex with penetration and ejaculation.
The film began with images of a young man in his room playing with a shot gun, only to eventually end up deep throating it when he hears a straight couple having rough sex next door. I assume this turned him on because he proceeded to gratify himself in the most intimate way. while images of the couple having sex were spliced into the scene at the same time. It was this time when I realized that I was in for a totally different but very hot film. Maybe the film had deep theme’s and agenda’s, but that just went right out the door due to the amount of gay sex in the film. I don’t remember much. I do remember gay sex in the trunk of a car, Gunfrun making her hetero boyfriend have sex with another straight man, more gay sex in a room and a scene that takes place in a terrorist camp with a hilarious dark training session involving an an innocent family. One line that I will never forget took place during a conversation between Gunfrun and her gang. She was talking about “the revolution.” Certain idea’s were not part of the revolution. When one of her beautiful gang members asks for clarification if certain things (to which I cannot remember which) were part of the revolution. Then as one last thing he asks if corn flakes are part of the revolution. In a stern commanding voice she replies, “CORN FLAKES ARE NOT PART OF THE REVOLUTION!!!” This movie had some wild lines and idea’s. This film was not the best film I saw at the festival. It was my favorite though. Everything about this film was over the top and wild. If you love the theme’s dealt with in most electroclash music, you’ll love this film. The hetero squeamish should avoid the film if graphic gay sex is not your cup of tea. The film in short was a homo-erotic dark comedy involving revolution and change. I just cannot remember it to it’s exact nature. Simply do some research into who Bruce LaBruce is and you’ll understand what your getting into. Take the film for what it is. To me, that was an entertaining good time.



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