Ventura Pons – Amor idiota aka Idiot Love (2004)


When Pere-Lluc (Santi Millan) takes a drunken stroll down the street he gets more than he bargained for. After hitting his head on an aluminum ladder he becomes obsessed with the girl who rushes to his aid. … Full DescriptionThis Spanish-language feature follows Pere-Lluc’s increasingly desperate, and often amusing, attempts to win her over.

Revolves around a young man named Pere-Lluc, how is determined not to take himself too seriously. Pere-Lluc is prone to commenting on his life in a sceptical, ironic manner. His chaotic, eccentric and uncontrolled actions are the result of a deep-seated crisis. One night when Pere-Lluc is on his way home in a drunken stupor, he bangs his head against an aluminium ladder that has been erected on the street by a young girl hanging up banners on the lanterns. Pere-Lluc falls to the ground, dazed. As he comes round, one thing is crystal clear: the young woman, whose name is Sandra, is absolutely mesmerising. During the course of the next few days he falls hopelessly in love with her.


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