Peter de Rome – The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome (1966-1972)


Main content:
The shorts:
Double Exposure 7minutes 03 seconds
Hot Pants 5 minutes 46 seconds
The Second Coming 13 minutes 34 seconds
Daydreams from a Crosstown bus 14 minutes 11 seconds
Mumbo Jumbo 13 minutes 51 seconds
Green Thoughts 9 minuts 15 seconds
Underground, (my favourite) 10 minutes 46 seconds and
Prometheus 21 minutes 21 seconds

Extras: Complete and untouched:
– Fragments: The Incomplete Films of Peter de Rome (Ethan Reid, 2012, 43 minutes): revealing new documentary in which Peter de Rome discusses his many incomplete and unfinished films.
– Scopo (Peter de Rome, 1966, 6 minutes): when a young man arrives at an empty apartment, he is unaware that a stranger is watching him.
– The Fire Island Kids (Peter de Rome, 1970, 12 minutes): two men spend a lazy day in each other’s company after one rescues the other from drowning
– Moulage (Peter de Rome, 1971, 13 minutes): humour and art collide in this study of erotic body casting.
– Brown Study (Peter de Rome, 1979, 9 minutes): an ethnographic study with a difference.
– Abracadaver! (Nathan Schiff, 2008, 10 minutes): a gruesome tale of magic and mutilation from producer David McGillivary, starring Peter de Rome.

From the Bfi Promo: “Peter de Rome viewed eroticism as involving more than just sex. Sexual consummation is rarely the centrepiece of a de Rome film. He is far more interested in the full experience of intimacy – the longing, the pursuit, the passion, the afterglow, and in some cases, the aftermath.

The eight shorts in the series take the viewer on a lurid sexual expedition designed to do more than titillate. From humorous to sardonic, de Rome truly pushes the edge of filmmaking as his characters find themselves in surreal scenarios ranging from a wondrous garden setting to an underground subway. Almost 40 years later The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome remains one of the most highly regarded gay art films of its day – a classic example of the intersection of artistry and eroticism.”


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