1941-1950ClassicsComedyF. Hugh HerbertMarilyn MonroeUSA

F. Hugh Herbert – Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! (1948)

Though the title sounds like something from a Big Band era tune, it actually refers to commands used during the training of mules. Young Snug Dominy has just purchased a pair of strapping mules. With no available cash, he must work for their previous owner to pay them off. Snug lives with his callous stepmother Judith, who spends all her time and attention with his stepbrother Stretch. This creates an escalating tension between the two youths that their father is unable to stop. Meanwhile, Snug toils long and hard to keep possession of his muleteam, as the farmer who owned them tries to get them back. Things get really sticky when Snug falls in love with the farmer’s lovely daughter. Look very closely and see a young Marilyn Monroe paddling a canoe in one sequence.

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