Drama1971-1980FranceNikos PapatakisPolitics

Nikos Papatakis – Gloria mundi aka Tortura (1976)

The young actress Galai is hired by his friend and director Hamdias to interpret a film denouncing the torture of suspected terrorists during the war of Algeria. The woman, using audio recordings made during the torture, practices the worst violence on herself to make her own interpretation as realistic as possible, to confuse reality with fiction. Galai, as the character she plays, is a part, along with her lover, a subversive movement. In an attempt to rejoin Hamdias is forced to flee an exhausting marked by humiliation and betrayal that ends in an unpredictable finish.

3.28GB | 1h 56m | 956×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English,Greek,French SDH


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