Fred C. Brannon – Lost Planet Airmen (1951)


from the IMDB:
A great move from the Republic Pictures era!, 1 June 2006
Author: michaelcampion2006 from United States

I first saw this movie in 1970 while living in Seattle Washington.

During the Mid 50s and early sixties I watched all the Commando Cody Serials on TV i.e. Radar Men from the moon, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Sky Marshall of the Universe. This movie was the Condensed version of the Republic Serial King of the RocketMen and Provides a unique and shortened version of the original Republic Serial. All in all it is a nice movie and to this very day I can still Remember vividly the control panel on the Rocket Suit, On, Up and Fast. What I liked most about this movie was the fast plot and the never-ending action. As in the original Republic Picture serial version King of the RocketMen, Tris Coffic the lead man wearing the rocket suit goes from one dangerous situation to another as he attempts to stop the sinister Dr. Vulcan from deploying the Sonic Decimator which will destroy the city of New York. Along with Mae Clark the evil Dr. Vulcan is defeated and the Sonic Decimator is destroyed and all the bad guys go to jail and Tristram Coffic and Mae Clark live happily ever after. This is an enjoyable movie for those who grew up watching the Saturday morning matinée at the local theaters.


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