Arne Mattsson – Hon dansade en sommar AKA One Summer of Happiness (1951)


Better known as One Summer of Happiness, Hon Dansade en Sommar was the most popular and financially successful of Swedish director Arne Mattson’s romantic films. Based on the novel by Per Olof Ekstrom, the story revolves around the romance between college graduate Goran (Folke Sundquist) and farmer’s daughter Kerstin (Ulla Jacobsson). Their plans to marry are stymied by the opposition of a local clergyman (John Elfstrom). Only after a devastating tragedy occurs does Goran realize the folly of allowing others to make decisions for him. Though Arne Mattson could have spent the rest of his career turning out Bergmanesque exercises like this one, he decided to switch creative gears and concentrate on Hitchcockian thrillers.
Hal Erickson

From IMDB trivia

his film was mentioned by a 1954 Memorandum of the New York State Education Department, written with regard to New York State Law 1954, Chapter 620, which added definitions of “immoral” and “incite to crime” for motion picture censorship purposes. The Memorandum cited this film as an example of a film about which the ED’s Motion Picture Division had been “beset with inquiries and applications for reconsideration of motion pictures which heretofore have been regarded as contrary to the present provisions of the statute.” It stated that One Summer of Happiness “contains a scene where a boy, nineteen, and a girl, seventeen, spending a vacation together, swim and embrace in the nude.”

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