François Ozon – Sitcom (1998)


When an unsuspecting businessman brings home a pet white mouse – which had been used for “lab experiments” – every member of his family, and visitor, who’s bitten by the rodent begins acting out their most taboo fantasies. Very strange, very funny, and gorgeously designed and shot; if “lemon chiffon” is your favorite color, this just might become your favorite film (although the subject matter could prove a stumbling block). Although not nearly as rich as the two best mysterious stranger brings liberating anarchy to a repressed middle class family pictures I know – Renoir’s fabulous Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932) and Pasolini’s seductively unnerving Teorema (Theorem) (1968) – I think this is an interesting addition to Ozon’s often impressive filmography. Besides, how can a little white mouse hope to compare to those other enigmatic liberators, Jean Gabin or Terence Stamp?


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