1981-1990Angela Ricci LucchiExperimentalItalyYervant Gianikian

Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi – Karagoez catalogo 9,5 (1981)


This was the first long catalogue Yervant and Angela compiled from an archive found in 1977, composed of films with russian actor legend Ivan Muzzhukin and underwater films from around the world, wild life scenes and other exotic imagery from japanese silent films to the turkish shadow theater to which the title of this piece makes homage. Slowed down, carefully crafted tinted and completely silent, this work stands out as one of the most beautiful and moving of their works. Images will speak more clear than my words ever will, do not miss this masterpiece of found footage.




  1. It is a beautiful film, which I’ve been looking for ever since I saw it at the Newcastle Film Festival about 30 years ago. However, I think the version downloaded from this site is short – it should be 56 mins and this one is about 46

  2. one of the most beautiful films i have seen. thank you so much for this. i have been looking for quite a while.

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