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Dervis Zaim – Tabutta rövasata AKA Somersault in a Coffin (1996)

Somersault in a Coffin (Turkish: Tabutta Rövaşata) is a 1996 Turkish film, written and directed by Derviş Zaim, about a homeless criminal and car thief. The film, which was released on November 15, 1996, received awards at several international film festivals including the Golden Orange for best film at the Antalya International Film Festival.

Mahsun, thief with an unalterably bad reputation. There is almost no car he can’t steal, no lock he can’t open. He brings at dawn the cars that he has stolen them. He even washes them clean. However what he does can not be considered only as enjoying himself with a drive. Stealing cars is a way fro him to shelter from the cold winter. Because this thief neither has a place to stay nor a proper job. That’s why his shortcut to get over with winter is to get in prison as soon as possible. But, as he is notorious with even robbing the prison he was serving time in, no judge wants to see his face and no prison accepts him. And one day, this starved and contemporary Charlot falls in love with a girl, a heroin addict. “Somersault In A Coffin” aims to underline the taut unity of possibilities and impossibilities about human beings. That’s because mankind is endowed with the capacity of not only establishing the balance of life under the most suitable conditions, but also refusing any balance they have established and not to accept what is rational and suitable for themselves.

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