Reis Çelik – Lal gece AKA Night of Silence (2012)


Night of Silence is a striking film that focuses on child brides, a most common problem which should never fall off the radar. The story starts with an opulent village wedding in Anatolia. Folk dances, firing guns? and the audience faces the 55-60 year-old groom who couldn?t get married as he spent years in prison, and a child bride, alone in a room. The mood in the room is not what the groom anticipates. The bride struggles to put the groom off and overcome her fears using her wit? The audience stays up all night until the morning with these two people in the nuptial chamber.

Mar de Plata Film Festival: Best Director and Actor (Ilyas Salman)
Berlin International Film Festival: Crystal Bear
Nuremberg Film Festival “Turkey-Germany”: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Ilyas Salman)
Tokyo International Film Festival: Asian Film Award
Vesoul Asian Film Festival: Emile Guimet Award – Special Mention

Subtitles:English *srt*

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