Boris Frumin – Black and White (1992)


Laurence Kardish, Sundance Film Festival wrote: “Edge and emotionally complex, Black & White is a very unusual film… [It] is a nocturnal love story suffused with the melancholy and anxiety of not belonging, and full of the sad understanding of what it means to be a stranger.”


Black & White is the story of Lisa, a young Soviet emigre studying medicine in Manhattan, Roy, an African American building superintendent on New York’s Lower East Side, and the bond that they form from living on the edges of Manhattan.

Filled with an assortment of fringe artists, disenfranchised immigrants, diamond dealers and sexual surrogates, the film is ultimately about breaking down barriers between people.


Film Comment wrote: Frumin has infused his narrative with the subtlest psychological nuances and made it an in-depth analysis of man’s connection with the world around him — a journey through the great universe of human feelings.

Language: English

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