1971-1980DramaGermanyHans W. Geissendörfer

Hans W. Geissendörfer – Die Wildente AKA The Wild Duck (1976)


Consul Werle holds a reception in honour of the homecoming of his son Gregers. At the
reception, Gregers meets his childhood friend, Hjalmar Ekdal, who is married to Gina, a former maid of the Werle family. Hjalmar is unaware that Werle had an affair with Gina and that their 14-year-old daughter Hedwig is not his child. Gregers moves in with the Ekdals with the intention of allowing unsuspecting Hjalmar and his family to share in the “happiness of truth”.

Hedwig is entirely devoted to a wild duck, which lives on a pond outside their house.
When Hjalmar learns the truth about his daughter, he wants to leave his family. Gregers advises Hedwig to kill the wild duck so that her father, impressed by this sacrifice, will return home. On the following day, Hedwig’s birthday, she doesn’t shoot the duck, but shoots herself instead.


“…splendid film…By concentrating on his people and resisting all trite devices used by film makers to ‘open up’ a play on the screen, Geissendoerfer has succeeded in making THE WILD DUCK a genuine movie and not just a filmed play.” -Los Angeles Times

“Jean Seberg as Gina…is eye-pleasing in the role of the former housekeeper…Robby Mueller’s camera, with color tones and subtle touches throughout, as well as set design and costumes…are worth the price of admission.” -Variety


Language: German (with removable English subtitles)

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