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Jacques Doillon – La Fille Prodigue AKA The Prodigal Daughter (1981)


A young woman in a deep depression leaves her husband and returns to her parents. She discovers her father is having an affair, becomes jealous of his mistress and tries to turn his feelings in her direction.

“I didn’t understand what happened when he came in the door. Doillon looked like an old protest – hippie. I asked him what he wanted, and he said: I’ve come for you. It was the first time that someone making so-called intellectual films thought of me. Jacques Doillon wasn’t interested in seeing me with my clothes off. He told me: “I don’t want you to unbutton your shirt, I want to know what’s happening in your head, and I want you to have a nervous breakdown.” So after I had made “La Fille prodigue”, I was regarded as a serious actress in France.” Jane Birkin

Anne (Jane Birkin) is a seriously disturbed young woman who is driven to leave her husband for awhile and go home to her parents in the countryside. Once there, she comes up against many of the primal causes of her own imbalanced mind. Her father is in an indecisive relationship with both his wife (Natasha Parry) and his mistress (Eva Rensi), and does not seem a pillar of stability himself. When Anne confronts her father, their relationship degenerates, leaving little promise for the future. Viewers should take note that the film deals with social taboos, such as incest. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Language:French, English


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