? – Rhino’s Guide to Safe Sex (1987)


A hilarious retrospective of scenes from films, television and short-subjects going back to the the ’20s, ’30s. ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, detailing everything from proper petting etiquette to military lectures on VD prevention.


Enjoyable if uneven and rather confused compilation 6/10
Author: TimothyFarrell from Worcester, MA
26 September 2007
Man, remember when Rhino Records and Video was actually cool? They used to be one of the finest providers of low-brow trash on video and great oldies onto CD. Nowadays, they unfortunately sold out to the majors and the product just isn’t the same. This compilation video though is a reminder of the good old days. Its a collection of vintage sex eduction films and clips and trailers from nudie flicks. Nothing hardcore mind you, just plenty of sexless topless females. Sure, there’s been many similar compilations since and with the advent of the internet, many of this material is readily available. Plus, the sequencing leaves a bit to be desired (it starts off with the educational footage, than goes to the nudie footage). However, if you can find it for a rental, this’ll provide an hour’s worth of kitschy fun. My personal favorite footage was the one about the boy who gets the girl pregnant and finds out about it during his tour of duty, prompting his good and bad sides to talk to him. I wish I could identify the short! (6/10)



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