Wolf Gremm – Rainer Werner Fassbinder – Letzte Arbeiten AKA Last Works (1982)


This is a TV documentary featuring footage of Fassbinder on the sets of “Kamikaze 89” and “Querelle”. There is also an interview with him (I think it might be the last interview he gave before his death). “Last Works” director Gremm was staying at Fassbinder’s apartment during the night of his overdose.


Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Last Works

This portrait, drawn by Wolf Gremm, shows Rainer Werner Fassbinder both as an actor – taking the leading role in the film “KAMIKAZE 1989”, also directed by Wolf Gremm – and as a director working on “QUERELE”, his adaption of the work by Jean Genet. Wolf Gremm: “We met at a football match – we were players, not spectators. He was shooting “Alexanderplatz” in Berlin at the time, and I was working on “Fabian”. I challenged his team… A lot of books are going to be written about Rainer Werner Fassbinder by people who worked closely with him. The question is, will they be as fascinating as the films he made years ago about his relationship with them? I think anyone who wants to make a staement about his indefatigable life and the fascination of the memorable encounters and the act of working together with him, has to film his life, and to do that you would have an ability matching Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s: to describe not the people, but what lies inbetween them”. Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s favourite line, which he used to scrawl everywhere: Life is very precious even right now!


Language: German (with English subtitles)

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