Penny Panayotopoulou – Dyskoloi apohairetismoi: O babas mou AKA Hard Goodbyes: My Father (2002)


In 1969 Athens, a 10 year old boy struggles to come to terms with the sudden death of his father.

…Panayotopoulou brings a rewarding psychological acuity to the way she traces the boy’s tortured reaction, and this extends to the sober, mature performances elicited from the rest of the cast and the unshowy expressiveness of the camerawork.
WH, TimeOut London

…The film’s artful framing and lighting, a result of Ms. Panayotopoulou’s photography training and a talented cinematographer (Dimitris Katsaitis), provide vibrant visuals and bright décor, giving it an appropriately dreamlike feel, perfectly suited to Elias’s vivid imagination…
Laura Kern, NY Times

Hard Goodbyes is a lovingly observed elegy to lost innocence, conveying the emotional complexity of bereavement with the naiveté of a child’s perceptions. There is no wistful gazing, or swelling string section, just an eloquent script, Panayotopoulou’s respectfully unobtrusive camera and a compelling performance by the cherubic Karayannis…
Stella Papamichael, BBC Films

Subtitles:English .srt

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