2001-2010FranceJean-Julien ChervierShort FilmTV

Jean-Julien Chervier – La Fonte des neiges (2009)


When twelve-year-old Léo arrives at the naturist camp that his mother’s dragged him to, he thinks he’s going to pass out. Until he meets Antoinette and her magic mushrooms…



English subtitles:
no pass


  1. poor leo….a foot stomping 2 yr old that the evil mother has to drag everywhere.The drama, oooooh the drama of being forced by that bitch!! Our children loved our club as well as many other children over the years. Body acceptance, respect, as well enjoyment of a nudist environment not shame and pornograhic overtones are the core of nude living/ recreation. The film’s prudish revue is written by a hapless female inside of a self-inflicted cocoon!

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