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Leos Carax – Gradiva (2014)


Two minutes in which Carax attempts to reach the essence of Art : sculpture, Cinema, actress, music, gallery, myth…
a delicious mixture;
Godard influence is still here and will always be with Carax;
The short seems like the continuity of the movie Holy Motors, with always the small frontier between reality and Art.

«The Gradiva’s hero is an excessive lover : what others simply mention, he sees in hallucinations »
Roland Barthes, Fragments d’un discours amoureux

Galerie Gradiva will open in Paris on the 28th May. Lead by international specialist Thomas Bompard, it is set to present his own personal choices of Impressionist and Modern art, individually selected thanks to the keen and educated eye he acquired while working at the helm of this very department at Sotheby’s in Paris. Galerie Gradiva is situated opposite Le Louvre at 9 quai Voltaire, formerly the home of Galerie Camoin Demachy, and its interior is exclusively designed by François-Joseph Graf. The gallery inherits a unique, intangible legacy : an attention to taste and excellence, an approach which cuts across movements and periods, placing historical as well as modern art objects alongside paintings, and a desire to not only present to the public works of the highest quality, but also to encourage them to reflect on the history of art. The inaugural exhibition will present major works by Rodin, Pissarro, Schiele, Kandinsky, Léger, Schwitters, Moholy-Nagy, Matisse, Picasso, Picabia, Balthus, Dali, Klein and Ruscha, many of which will be shown in France for the first time. This constellation of the stars of Modern Art will be hit by meteors from elsewhere : for example psalters from the early Middle Ages arriving from an English museum in Blackburn, a very rare edition of the Copernicus book and a selection of Fang sculptures.

The movie director Leos Carax has shot The Thinker by Rodin in the Galerie Gradiva.


Subtitles:English Hardcored

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