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James Foley – After Dark, My Sweet (1990)

The intriguing relationship between three desperados, who try to kidnap a wealthy child in hope of turning their lives around.

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★★★★ Rewatched by Waldo 10 Feb 2021

A kinda forgotten film noir, from a Jim Thompson novel. James Foley’s adaptation is a straightforward, desperate thriller about an equally desperate kidnapping. No one is at their best at the present stage of their lives here. Fay, played with elegance and sex appeal by Rachel Ward, is a borderline alcoholic widow who lives alone in a big but decrepit house. Kid Collins is a drifter ex boxer, played real well by Jason Patric, is lured into a criminal scheme that catches him off guard. Finally, there’s Uncle Bud, a slimy ex cop played by the legendary Bruce Dern. This trio kidnaps a kid from a rich family. Razor sharp and brimming with rage, sex and murder. I tell ya! It’s still pretty great.

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