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Dusan Makavejev – Sweet Movie (1974)


Dušan Makavejev’s anarchic 1974 comedy goes even further than his previous W.R., depicting more trangressions than the average viewer’s imagination could conjure up.

From Time Out London:
Potentially one of the most scandalous films ever made—except that it has been little seen outside France and has not aged well. Seemingly completely episodic, the ‘plot’ follows the adventures of a beauty queen (Laure), a certified virgin who escapes a disastrous honeymoon with the richest man in the world to join a group of carefree sensualists. The latter are the once-notorious Otto Muehl troupe, who delight in pissing and shitting as a public spectacle. This is cross-cut with the journey of the good ship SS Survival (which sports Karl Marx for a masthead) on the Seine. Laure herself sought legal suppression of certain shots which, in their blanked out form, ironically suggest even more sexual activity on her part. Sadly, this highly idiosyncratic melange of sex and politics, for all its liberating pretensions, only served to put Makavejev’s career back a good few steps. –David Thompson

From the Chicago Reader:
Dusan Makavejev (Montenegro) set out to shock the bourgeoisie with this scatalogical extravaganza featuring everything from food fights to shit baths—and did such a thorough job of it that he didn’t work again for six years. Though much of the content is scandalous, the title is ultimately an accurate one—the sensibility behind the images is innocent, enthusiastic, and childlike (1974). –Dave Kehr


Language(s):English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian
Subtitles:English (hardcoded)

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