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Mohsen Makhmalbaf – Arousi-ye Khouban AKA Marriage of the Blessed (1989)


Review by Jonathan Rosenbaum
A 1989 film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf about the upsetting discoveries made by a shell-shocked veteran of the Iran-Iraq war after he returns to his job as a photojournalist in Tehran and to his fiancee, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. As in The Peddler, Makhmalbaf shows considerable talent and passion for dealing with the contradictions of contemporary Iranian life, and the restless and eclectic style of his direction makes this one of his most penetrating and disturbing works. In Farsi with subtitles. 75 min.

This one is also on Rosenbaum’s top 1000 list.

Makhmalbaf’s comments:
My friend, my friend’s brother, one of my relatives and a lot of my acquaintances have been seized by explosion waves. Their behavior has attracted my attention. In this film I have tried to acquaint you with the situation of a soldier photographer, whom has been seized by explosion waves; with his aims, what makes him happy or what makes him upset. My mother says that the hero of your movie has been seized by the social waves. And the psychologists of my research resource believe that explosion wave is a primary impact and if the patient’s condition is appropriate he would recover very soon. Haji, the main character of my story, is after recovery and is looking for appropriate conditions for his health. The doctor advises him to set up his wedding as soon as possible…In this movie I accompanied him for his wedding preparations step by step…


Subtitles:English (Hardsubs)

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