2001-2010Augusto Martínez TorresDramaSpain

Augusto Martínez Torres – Les pel·lícules del meu pare (2007)


Pseudo-autobiographical movie by director and producer Augusto M. Torres with an exploration of his own narrative obsessions as director and his work as producer of many Spanish independent or experimental films. In the film he is supposed to be dead and many of his friends and colleagues in real life (mostly film directors, screenwriters and actresses) appear as themselves and talk with a (fictitious) daughter of the director who is investigating his father’s past. The daughter is played by excellent and beautiful actress Karme Màlaga (also in “La vida abysmal” / “Life on the edge”) and her investigation begins when she finds her father’s old films. Self-reference, metalanguage and reflections on the nature of cinematographic narrative (and on the drawbacks of human relationships) make this film unconventional and interesting. The main characters are the daughter, her boyfriend Fabrizio (Carlo d’Ursi, actor and producer in “Unione Europea”) and the beautiful young woman she meets during her research (Ariadna Cabrol, actress in “Perfume: the Story of a Murderer”, “Joves”/”Youth”, “Estocolm” and the Catalan hit TV series “Porca Misèria”).



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