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Doris Wishman – Indecent Desires (1967)

Blonde (wigged) and beautiful New York City model Sharon Kent (who was also a favorite of Barry Mahon) stars as Ann, a lovely secretary whose life is perfect. Her best friend Babs (middle-aged and buxom Jackie Richards) works with her in a friendly office and her boyfriend Bob recently proposed to her. Her world comes crashing down around her, however, when a creepy bespectacled geek (Wishman regular Michael Alaimo) begins stalking her. Through a supernatural mishap (which is never explained, but who cares?), the stalker finds a blonde doll and a tacky ring in the garbage can and suddenly, everything he does to the doll, Ann can feel being done to her! As the loser whips, feels up, undresses and puts a cigarette out on the doll, Ann feels every bit of it, and begins to believe her mind is unraveling. Babs is too busy whoring it up with a foreign sleazeball (Buck Starr, of TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN) and Bob is away on business. Can she escape this hell?

INDECENT DESIRES is well-known to most cult film viewers, even if they don’t realize it. Clips of creepy Michael Alaimo stripping the clothes off a doll and heroine Sharon Kent with her head cocked at an odd angle have appeared in Something Weird’s trademark clip trailer, so it’s great to see one of Doris’ best get the digital treatment. Those familiar with the Wishman universe will be surprised to note that there are few pointless cutaway shots to injavascript:void(0)animate objects, feet and the dubbed dialogue is matched with the actors’ lips, making this one of her most technically accomplished films. Cinematographer C. Davis Smith was always in top form working on his many Wishman films, and his swooping hand-held camerawork is in full force here, including many breathtaking time capsule shots of New York City and effective close-ups of the characters, the mysterious doll and fabulous shadowy lighting. Sharon Kent, whose statuesque form graced many New York City-area skinflicks, gives a surprisingly good performance here, even though her hysterics can be a little ridiculous at times, and has never looked more beautiful. Thirty-something Jackie Richards was one of the oldest women in sexploitation, but that didn’t stop her from flaunting her naturally large bust in countless nudie films of the mid-to-late-60s. Smith directed her film debut, ALL MY MEN, a year earlier, and may have been the person to recommend her to Wishman for this film, where she has a well-photographed love scene and performs nude exercises directly into the camera lens! A pretty non-descript title hides behind it a vastly entertaining and never boring roughie, with supernatural themes and a typical downbeat Wishman ending. Highly recommended!

+Commentary by queer film historian Elizabeth Purchell

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Subtitles:English,English SDH

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