Roman Polanski – La Venus a la fourrure AKA Venus in Fur (2013)


Vanda is an unusually talented young actress determined to land the lead in Thomas’ new play based on the classic erotic novel, Venus in Fur. Vanda’s emotionally charged audition for the gifted but demanding playwright/director becomes an electrifying game of cat and mouse that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, seduction and power, love and sex. “As always with Polanski, the narrative’s eccentricities are cloaked in an expert veneer of classicism” (Keith Uhlich: Time Out); “Roman Polanski’s penchant for psychosexual mind games conducted in claustrophobic spaces is deliciously revisited in ‘Venus in Fur’ (…) Emmanuelle Seigner is a fresh revelation” (David Rooney: The Hollywood Reporter); “‘Venus in Fur’ finds Roman Polanski transferring a New York stage hit to the screen with maximum fidelity and facility, and a minimum of fuss.” (Scott Foundas: Variety); “‘Venus In Fur’ is a playful if occasionally heavy-handed jeu d’ésprit on the subject of sexual role-play (…) illusion and reality, and directing as a sexual act. (…) Rating: *** (out of five)” (Peter Bradshaw: The Guardian).

Spanish srt:

Subtitles:Italian (idx/sub),English srt,Spanish

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