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Various – Ro.Go.Pa.G. (1963) (HD)


La Ricotta (starring Orson Welles) represents a key moment in Pasolini’s career. This complex work marks a stylistic advance over his earlier films and with it, Pasolini comes of age as a man of the cinema. Although La Ricotta is an outcry against the betrayal of religion, it was perceived as blasphemous by the right-wing homophobic political enemies of Pasolini. He was put on trial and charged with “insulting the religion of the state,” a Fascist law that was still on the books. Pasolini was sentenced to four months in prison, eventually amnestied, and all of RoGoPaG was banned. La Ricotta is a dazzling amalgam of trenchant social satire, neo-realism, pathos, and burlesque comedy by the man Susan Sontag has called “indisputably the most remarkable figure to have emerged in Italian arts and letters since the Second World War.”

Rossellini’s Virginity is one of the neo-realist master’s rare essays in comedy — a richly satiric commentary on the subject of illusion and reality, a fundamental question in the cinema.

Godard’s The New Worldis the fascinating precursor to the director’s full-length masterpiece Alphaville. It presents a glacial view of a post-apocalyptic Paris narrated by the only person unaffected by an atomic explosion.

In The Range-Grown Chicken episode by Ugo Gregoretti, Ugo Tognazzi (La Cage Aux Folles) plays the frazzled head of a middle class family who has been brainwashed by the slogans of consumerism. – [kino.com]




  1. Hi! Thank you for this vast treasure trove!
    Would it be possible to re-upload Ro.Go.Pa.G.? The links are dead due to inactivity and the torrent file available online has no peers whatsoever.

    Thank you in advance!

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