Carter Stevens – Teenage Twins (1976)


There are a lot of reasons why you might want to watch this classic late-70’s movie. For instance, you can see four-decade stud Eric Edwards in his prime. Or how about Tia von Davis (the pilot’s wife in The Opening of Misty Beethoven) as the mother who prepares a real dinner on the stove for her movie family during the opening credits? Or you can agonize through the stilted dialogue delivery and the cheesy stage set–both seemingly ripped from Boogie Nights. You can even tell just by listening to the familiar porn beat and flute/electric guitar instrumentals that you’ve taken a trip back to the days of disco.

But the real reason why you’d probably have bought or rented this movie is because of the title or because of the real life twins, Brooke & Taylor Young, who star in this typical Golden Age porno with a perverted twist. No doubt, you’ve heard that unlike most on-screen siblings, the two Youngs actually do get it on with each other. The dynamics of their family in real life must be truly mind-boggling, to say the least! You might think that the girls must be unattractive to have to do each other to make a buck, but they’re fairly cute: petite (though too thin for my tastes) brunettes with short hair and natural tits.

Teenage Twins revolves around the identical twins, playing the characters of Prudence and Hope. As you might guess, Prudence is something of a prude, disapproving of her sister’s loose ways. But it turns out that Pru isn’t as innocent as she claims to be: from masturbating with a Bible to getting fucked in the ass by her stepfather, she’s what the story terms as a “virgin harlot.” On the other hand, Hope is an unashamed nympho, getting eaten out by her sister’s boyfriend and engaging in a threesome with her mom. And yes, the twins do have sex with each other–although it’s probably explicit enough to be illegal in many states, if you take away the fact that they are related, the scene is pretty lipstick lesbian.

The story (yes, there is a story) is that Prudence & Hope’s stepfather, a local professor, has located a copy of the “Necronomicon,” an ancient spell book. While he’s away securing it’s purchase, his research partner, Professor Petrie (Eric Edwards) is having an affair with his fellow academic’s wife (and, his daughter Hope). It turns out that this spellbook makes them do strange things (wow, I’m shocked), including a six-way orgy with all of the members of the cast.

The sex is fairly good if you can get past the family ties and adultery themes. It’s textbook classic porn: you’ve got the traditional camera angles (such as the female POV missionary and side-view insertion), a lot of coverage of facial expressions and softcore footage, and mostly tummy or back pop-shots that come (pardon the pun) spontaneously without any jacking off. Plus, there’s the rare (back then) practices of anal sex and a facial cumshot. But you also have to put up with only fleeting glimpses of the action, really furry muffs, and horribly bad music.

The A/V quality of this VCX release is not very good, but not that bad considering how old it is: the transfer is slightly washed out and milky, and frame jitters slightly, but not to the point of distraction. As expected with VCX releases, the disc is a DVD-R with an inkjet label–beware if your player can’t handle burned discs. And of course, forget about any special features at all, not even trailers.

I’m such a sucker for any Golden Age porn, even the awful stuff, that I actually enjoyed renting Teenage Twins. Beyond the morbid fascination of seeing the twins in the same bed, there’s some solid sex here. But despite the few minutes of anal and the good pop-shot that one of the twins takes, it’s a far cry from the hardcore releases today–both in terms of running time (a short 67 minutes with a lot of dialogue) and explicit content). I’d say give it a watch if you’re a true classic aficionado or if you really have to see identical twin sisters have sex with each other–but you’d better hurry since I suspect that this is one of those titles that will fall victim to increased government scrutiny.
Saki,, 19th August, 2004

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