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Denis Héroux – Born For Hell (1976)


IMDB quote –

“In My time as a sucker for obscure exploitation and trash movies, I have seen quite a bunch of vile and disturbing stuff. Yet it is rare that I am shocked about anything. After all its just movies. There is exceptions though, and Denis Héroux’s ‘Born for Hell’, with the weird aka ‘Naked Massacre’, is one of those movies that hit Me straight in the heart. Let Me just point out clearly that ‘Born for Hell’ is a excellent movie! But it isn’t something I really would be in a hurry to re-watch! It ain’t often I get such a bad feeling in the stomach from a movie.

This movie is TRUE horror! Clearly inspired by the real crimes of Richard Speck. A Vietnam vet(Cain Adamson), with the line “born for hell” tattooed on his wrist, arrives in the war-plagues Ireland, start a life as a drifter and only dreams about being able to afford the travel back to USA. After several, more or less violent experiences with the civil occupation he decides to take drastic action. In order to find a huge sum of money, he invades the house of eight shapely student nurses. Our anti-hero is definitely going to raise hell for the poor girls and swells in rape, humiliation, mutilation, abuse, murder and suicide!

The movie is one long assault on the senses, ‘Born for Hell’ is direct in-your-face, raw, brutal and depressing. As I mentioned, it isn’t a movie I would be in a hurry to re-watch. But I am very glad I did see it. An excellent pic, but check it at own risk!”


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